P. Felix/Express/Getty Images[/caption]In honor or Throwback Thursday, here's a little blast from the past for ya.  Rod Stewart has recorded many hits over the span of his long career.  But what was the first single he ever recorded. way back in 1964 on this date?  Was it "Maggie May"?  How 'bout "Reason to Believe"?  Or maybe "Every Picture Tells a Story"?  Nope.  They were all released in 1971.  The first song he ever recorded was actually a blues standard.  Who knew??

The song was called "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl".  And though it didn't go on to become a big hit, it was still his very first single.  So there you go.  Now go enjoy this video for your Throwback Thursday.  It is now officially Back-to-School Time, kids...courtesy of Rockin' Rod.  :)

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