Citing a rash of bike thefts this summer, Margate Police are warning about bike theft prevention on Facebook.

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Police point out that several of the bikes stolen in Margate were left unlocked, while others have been stolen while locked using a cable lock. According to police, many cable locks are easily cut with small pliers or, in the case of older locks, able to be pried apart with not much effort.

Police suggest using U-locks on bikes, saying they are made of hard steel, they are not easily defeated and are easily attached to bikes. They also recommend keeping bike information and a photo...

...we encourage everybody to keep photos of your bike and to have the serial number written down. When a bike is stolen and we have the serial number, we enter it in a database that other departments can check against. Without that information there isn’t much we can do to specifically identify one bike from another.


Margate Police also have a bike registration system where they assign every bike a number for easy tracking.

If you see any suspicious activity that could be bike theft, call police at 609-822-1151.

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