Do you remember when Margate had a boardwalk?

Me neither! That is because it was destroyed back in 1944 from The Great Atlantic Hurricane and the town never decided to invest to rebuild it.

And that is where the Friends of the Margate Boardwalk come in. This is the group making the push for a boardwalk to be rebuilt in the town which is a cause that is really starting to take off.

In fact, this Sunday there is a rally being held right in front of Lucy the Elephant to create awareness for the need of a boardwalk in Margate and the group will be collecting signatures to get the issue on a ballot this upcoming Fall.

"We also would want the city to do a survey of all the taxpayers because, in Margate, like many of the coastal communities, most of the people that are in the town don’t live in it all year round and they don’t vote here, but they still pay taxes,” Klotz said. “We are all taxpayers, and we are sensitive to that and don’t want to give something that people do not want. We want the local people, both the taxpayers and registered voters, to want this because if they don’t want it, it shouldn’t happen.”

For more information on what the group has planned, to see photos of Margate from back in the 1940's, or to view the original article, head to

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