If you're looking for work, or just recently lost your job, then this list of companies searching for employees here in New Jersey, may be helpful to you. 

According to Justin Zaremba reporting for NJ.com, if you join the process of searching for a job you may want to look at these companies since they are looking to fill positions.


1. Amazon: Will add over 100,000 jobs in the next 18 months. The company will be adding fulfillment centers in states across the U.S., including one right here in New Jersey.

2. Home Depot: Will be hiring 80,000 workers for Spring 2017, including 1,650 part time and seasonal jobs here in New Jersey. Positions include sales and cashiers.      

3. Six Flags Great Adventure: Will look to fill 4,000 positions for the upcoming 2017 season. You can apply for admissions, guest relations, ride operators, marketing, security and more.


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