The Linwood Police have finished their investigation of a reported incident along the bike path between a 10-year old girl and a man who she claimed reached out toward her as she rode by on her bike.

Linwood Police have concluded that there is no evidence of a man matching his description.

In a statement released Monday, Linwood Police recapped the events that led to the investigation on the bike path between Seaview Avenue and Patcong Avenue.

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It was reported that a man, described as a white male with a brown and grey beard, reached out in the direction of a 10-year old girl as she rode by on her bicycle.

Linwood Police responded to the call about the incident on Sunday, March 7, and immediately searched the area for the suspect, but found no one matching the man's description.

The Criminal Investigations unit was called in and those detectives did further investigating, including collecting and reviewing footage from several video cameras in the area.

After reviewing the video and the other information pertaining to the reported incident, police decided to "close the case without further action".

In their statement, Linwood Police also included a reassurance to residents that the Linwood bike path is a safe place, but that police patrols would be increased.

We want to assure our residents, visitors and business owners that  the bike path is safe. Everyone especially children, should be aware of their surroundings, maintain a safe distance from strangers, and travel in groups when possible. Additionally, patrols have increased along the bike path.

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