Some major changes could be coming to a Jersey Shore town a little ways up North.

According to, Lavallette officials are talking about possibly banning  food deliveries on the beach, beach rentals and valet services (beach chairs and umbrellas for example) and any other form of beachfront commercialization. (No food on the beach? WHAT?!)

“We’ve come across the fact that there is at least one person, maybe two or three, who creatively started a business on the beach,” said Councilwoman Joanne Filippone. “The business is to be your valet. It got a little further than you might want – they were delivering food, lunch and so on.”

This issue has been brought up because of newer delivery services like Grubhub or Uber Eats which allows people to order food and have it delivered right on the sand -- which you have to admit, is kinda cool.

Technically, it is already illegal to eat on the beach because of littering so officials want this ban to happen to help enforce this rule.

But let's be real. This rule has obviously not been strictly enforced because I see food being eaten on the beach ALL...THE....TIME....

Another option being discussed is to try and manage the entrepreneurial businesses that are thriving along the waterfront by instilling a system that requires those businesses to have a permit to operate.

For example, those ice cream trucks that regularly visit the Lavallette beaches must have a permit to legally sell their products.

So tell me what YOU think....are you for this new possible change coming to Lavallette? What if it were implemented in a South Jersey town?

So here is my take:

1. The littering issue seems to continue with or without the presence of food on the beach. So why ban the business opportunity?

2. If the borough of Lavallette figured out a way to implement a system with permits for example, wouldn't that just be more revenue for the town?

3. News flash: the Jersey Shore is already commercialized. Houses are being built bigger, restaurants and other hot spots have catered to tourists and that is why the Jersey Shore is jam packed during the Summer. How is allowing Uber Eats to uber the eats going to make it any worse?

Maybe it is just me....but this all seems to come down to one thing: money.

But who knows. I could be wrong.

Either way...I am enjoying my chocolate on the beach this Summer. And yes, I will throw out my wrapper as I always do.

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