So the big romantic day is tomorrow and if you have zero plans set in place, you may be in a bit of trouble.

The best of the best are usually all completely full by this point but that does not mean you should give up.

So here are some ideas that you may want to make use of.

1. At Home Picnic

Bring a picnic with all of the ingredients for a romantic dinner at home for just the two of you. May be a nicer choice with a nice fire while it's cold outside.

2. Dinner/Movie

Go out for a casual dinner....whether it be Olive Garden or Applebee's...and then catch a movie that you both have been dying to see! Can you say extra large popcorn please?

3. Bar

I know a lot of people would not consider this their type of Valentine's Day scene but places such as River Rock or Beacon 70 have a little bit more of a social scene going on. You can grab a cocktail and a snack all while with your significant other.

4. Game Night

Yes, it is cheesy but if you both are can be fun! Pour some wine, add some cheese and crackers, and let the games begin.

5. Personal Wine Tasting

Grab a few bottles of wine from the liquor store, light some candles, and there you have it! A nice relaxing evening for the two of you in the privacy of your own home.

Did I miss of any major ideas? Comment Below and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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