A New Jersey State Police trooper and a police dog suffered injuries during an arrest of a knife-wielding man following a pursuit on Monday afternoon.

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The incident happened around 2 pm in Belmarw Borough according to the NJ State Police Facebook page. The confrontation started when police responded to a call concerning a shirtless man standing next to his vehicle on Interstate 295 near the area of Exit 28. Police began to pursue the suspect after the man fled in his vehicle.

The suspect proceeded to travel Northbound on Interstate 295 to Highway 73 while being pursued by State Police. Troopers tried to stop the vehicle by giving chase with lights and sirens. The vehicle was finally disabled near milepost 37.1 on the Turnpike. Troopers entered the car to remove and apprehend the suspect after he refused to leave.

Officers then tried to apprehend and remove the suspect from the vehicle. A fight ensued and K-9 dog was stabbed and a trooper was hit with a flashlight during the arrest. The brave K-9 named Creed was removed from the vehicle and taken to an animal hospital and is listed in stable condition. The trooper was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The incident remains under investigation.

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