We all have moaned and groaned about the traffic that we deal with during the commute to and from work. Plus, don't forget the oddities that we encounter if we have to use mass transit each day.

Well one man came up with a creative solution: to commute to work on a jet ski.

I know how that sounds but just hear me out.

His name is David Pike and he used to endure a 90 minute commute from Jersey City to Brooklyn. He would ride a bus to the PATH, from the PATH to the subway, and then from the subway to another bus just to get to work.

So when he got sick of it, he purchased a used jet ski for $1,000 and says that he now basically rides to work traffic-free at 40 mph. His commute includes seeing the Statue of Liberty and he even gets a view of Governors Island.

But now, once he arrives in Brooklyn, he parks the jet ski at Brooklyn Cruise Terminal and then gets to work using the New York Trolley Company.

He is hoping to continue his water commute through November.

So here is the thing. I know having the capability of doing something like this depends on where you live and work but I think this is rather genius.

I am a water maniac and spend every second I can near or on the water. This would sound like a soothing and rather therapeutic way to get to work quicker and simultaneously minimize pollution.

So it is a little out there, but what do you think? Would you do it?

Take a look at the video here.

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