Mother's Day is officially less than a week away and this year, I challenge you to be more creative than you have ever been before!

It is no secret that those of us from Jersey might as well be classified as our own species and the same goes for the Moms who reside in South Jersey.

Come on kids....let's kill it this year.

1. Beach Fashion

Every year, a Mom deserves to strut her stuff wearing a brand new bathing suit, sunglasses, beach bag, and towel to match. You would be surprised how much happiness the little things can bring.

2. Beach Badges

While some spots have already ended their presales, surprising Mom with a beach badge for the 2018 summer season is a thoughtful gift that she will get a lot of use out of if she is an avid beach goer. Plus, she will think of YOU every time she uses it and not those pesky siblings!

4. Jersey-Themed Merchandise

What better gift than something that will remind your Mom where all her memories with her family have been formed? There are t-shirts, charms, necklaces, bumper stickers, wine glasses, and who knows what else you can find! Trust me, she will display these gifts loud and proud.

5. Along The Beach Event Tickets

One of the first events I ever attended in South Jersey was the Wildwood Crest Seafarers Celebration in Wildwood Crest.  A lot of Jersey Moms will love these kind of events and will appreciate you taking the extra step to do the research.

6. Summer Tools

Let your Mom feel like a beach star with new beach chairs, water sport gear if she is into that kind of thing, and plastic containers and coolers for refreshments and snacks for all to enjoy!

7. Jersey Sand

A locket filled with a tablespoon of sand from her favorite beach -- which is usually where the entire family goes as well -- is absolutely adorable. The beach and the memories attached are always with her no matter wherever she goes.

8. South Jersey Selfie

Remember that amazing day you spent at the beach with your Mom? Well, that selfie you both snapped while rolling around in the sand is the perfect gift in a personalized Jersey frame. Just another adorable gift from her kids that she can use to decorate her home with that good old beach feel.

Did I miss any major ideas? Comment below!

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