Did you know that before Margate, New Jersey officially became Margate … it was known as South Atlantic City?

Margate as we know it was founded in 1869, when the New Jersey State Legislature approved its charter.

A full service railroad was constructed in the early years of Margate and in 1881, a combination hotel and restaurant was constructed in the shape of an elephant.

Her name is Lucy and she is more beautiful today than she was 142 years ago.

That’s a credit to the original Save Lucy Committee, which literally saved Lucy from certain ruination.

Rich Helfant and his team have taken Lucy to the next level over the past 3 decades.

The talented local artist Jon Baker helped Margate design their new Welcome Sign. It’s a magnificent piece of artwork - that of course - features Lucy The Elephant.

Jon Baker is the most prolific artist with respect to Lucy The Elephant of all time.

Baker’s work is highly collectable and you can see his fine art collection on his Facebook Page, Instagram and other social media platforms.

Above in our featured photo and directly below is Baker’s latest Lucy The Elephant creation, in the form of the new Welcome to Margate street sign.

The presentation is perfect and it will be enjoyed for many years to come. It accentuates all of Margate’s great attributes at one glance … the beach, the ocean, and Lucy The Elephant.

Jon Baker photo.
Jon Baker photo.

Margate is a great residential community, along with responsible commercial development.

Margate is also well known for its outstanding restaurants, located on the main avenues and along the bay.

The local government is responsible, responsive and effective. It is a 3 Member City Commission, consisting of Mayor Michael Collins and City Commissioners Catherine Horn and Maury Blumberg.

There’s no drama, just good old fashion local government at its best.

Margate is 2 miles in length and about 8 blocks from the ocean to the bay … with 2 miles of pristine beaches … along with many bayside docks that providing boaters, fishermen and local charter boats that are available for recreation, sport and deep-sea fishing.

Margate also has two active retail business districts which provide wonderful and diverse shopping opportunities.

The Margate Business Association is an active and viable organization.

Margate has earned its reputation as a very popular destination resort.

I hope that you have enjoyed this short walk down Margate Memory Lane.

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