Not many things are better than grabbing an ice cream cone on a spring or summer day at the Jersey Shore.

Whether you call it "ice cream" or "custard," get jimmies or sprinkles (it's jimmies, damn it), or whether you are five or 85 years old, it's a perfect treat.

Here at the shore, we are surrounded by dozens and dozens of custard stands. Almost all of them are family owned and operated and many have been open for generations.

From a recent post on Facebook, I was able to assemble a list of nearly three dozen places for you to check out over the next few months across Atlantic, Cape May, and Cumberland Counties.


Most of these are traditional custard stands with walk-up windows, tons of posters hanging in the windows, and maybe a big ice cream cone up on their sign, but some more formal ice cream shops made the list, too.

A word of caution: these are very popular places. You will wait in line -- and that's part of the fun.

I mean, while you are waiting, you are probably going to change your mind about what you want four or five times before you circle back to your old favorite.

Grab some napkins and let's dig in!

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