Could being a dry town be driving people to drink in Ocean City?

South Jersey certainly knows how to party with tons of bars, craft breweries and craft distilleries dotted all over the map, especially in Cape May County.

While many of you who listen to my show 'The Sports Bash with Mike Gill' know I am a fan of a IPA.  We have created a fun show every Friday, called 'Happy Hour Friday, where listeners share their favorite beverages.

So we are certainly not judging this "winner" of this award.

Ocean City Likes to Drink ... A Lot

According to, Ocean City has been ranked as New Jersey's drunkest city. With a metro population of 95,634, America's greatest family resort has a tendency to drink heavily. The data shows that  23.3 percent of Ocean City adults drink excessively (I'm not judging).

> Drunkest metro area: Ocean City
> Adults who drink excessively: 23.3% (Statewide: 18.6% – 25th highest)
> Countywide driving deaths involving alcohol: 31.7% (Statewide: 22.8% – 9th lowest)
> Ocean City population: 95,634

While I'm not judging and I don't mind those who love to party, you should do so safely and never get behind the wheel after drinking. Driving deaths that involve alcohol make up 31.7 of all driving deaths in Cape May County.

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The article admitted that Ocean City being on the list was a bit of an anomaly.

The town has prohibited alcohol sales and drinking in public since it was founded by Methodist ministers in 1879. This has apparently not stopped residents and visitors from quaffing plenty of alcohol.

However, this isn't the first time Ocean City has "won" this award, the dry town also captured this distinction in 2017.

What did they base this data on?

To compile a list of the drunkest places in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the percentage of men and women over 18 who reported heavy or binge drinking in each state’s metropolitan areas, then singled out the city or metropolitan area with the highest rate.

So what should I believe here?

Well, just because the town doesn't sell or want to sell alcohol, doesn't mean its residents don't like to drink. There are plenty of places for the people of Ocean City to go if they want to grab a drink.

Yesterday's and Boulevard Super Liquors are in Marmora is right over the 34th street bridge. The Deauville Inn is right over the Strathmere Bascule Bridge, any of the bars or Circle Liquor Store in Somers Point.

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