Philadelphia sports fans sure love a great tailgate to get ready for the big game.

The pregame tailgate party is one of the best traditions associated with sports fandom, and there is not better place for a tailgate than before a Eagles game on a Sunday or a big Phillies playoff game.

Music, food and a cool beer.

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But which beer are Philadelphia sports fans reaching for most often during these big time sporting events? A recent study answered that question for all 50 states, with a look at New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Study Names New York's Most Popular 'Tailgate Beverage'

study done by the folks at The Loupe shared their findings on the most popular alcoholic beverages for fans who are attending tailgates in all 50 states.

Here is how they came to their conclusions:

To identify the top searched tailgate beverage in every U.S. state, we started with a list of 36 popular canned alcoholic beverages. From there, we analyzed the search interest for those beverages during football season (August through January) using Google Trends. Based on the data, we mapped out geographical trends.

From there, they could identify which beverage was searched the most often by thirsty sports fans in every state.

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Yuengling, meanwhile was by far the most popular tailgate beverage in the PA, and it was the only state where is was the most popular beer at tailgates.

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So what is your beverage of choice when you tailgate at a game?

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