I think this story took me by surprise and still not sure just how this particular town ended up being the "drunkest" town in New Jersey. 24/7 Tempo did the article that highlighted the "drunkest" cities in America.


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In a recent Patch article, the irony was discussed and how a "dry" town ended up being the "drunkest" town in the Garden State. "And they admitted that New Jersey's is a bit of an anomaly, because the data named the Ocean City Metropolitan Area as the state's drunkest city. Technically, the data is for the metropolitan area, which is the entirety of Cape May County, not only Ocean City itself." So the numbers for Ocean City are more than just the actual town, it takes the "county" into account. That being said, Ocean City gets the trophy.


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Let's take a look at a little history of Ocean City, New Jersey. According to Wikipedia " As a result of its religious origins, the sale or public drinking of alcoholic beverages in Ocean City was prohibited. In 1881, the Ocean City Association passed a set of blue laws, which were designed to enforce religious standards. The town banned the manufacturing or sale of alcohol in 1909."


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Interesting that this "dry" town is at the top of the list for New Jersey. That being said, Ocean City is a beautiful beach town and I've been there and stayed there numerous times. If you haven't been to this gem on the Jersey Shore, make a plan to visit, Ocean City is a great family town and their boardwalk is one of my favorites. 24/7 Tempo gave statistics for their survey and you can look them over and compare them to other cities from around America. "The national average for adult excessive drinking is 19.8%, and 34 metro areas imbibe at above that rate. The drunkest metro areas in America are in the Plains states, Midwest, and Far West."


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