In fact, this Jersey Shore town has the most historic motels anywhere in New Jersey and the cutest, how cool is that?

This is why I love New Jersey, every day we find out a new, cool tidbit of information.

dejan_dundjerski, Getty Stock, ThinkStock
dejan_dundjerski, Getty Stock, ThinkStock

This Jersey Shore town is very popular. Probably the most family-friendly "big" boardwalk in New Jersey. So many rides, a "huge" beach that's free, and so many goodies to snack on while traveling on the world-famous tram car.

What Jersey Shore town has the most historic motels in New Jersey?

The Jersey Shore town, if you didn't guess yet, it's Wildwood and Wildwood Crest.

Carl Kaminski, Getty Images/Getty Images Signature/Canva
Carl Kaminski, Getty Images/Getty Images Signature/Canva

As you enter the island of Wildwood, immediately you will notice a retro Wawa, one of the coolest Wawa's I've ever seen. Might be the coolest on the east coast.

According to,

Wildwood was such an iconic town in the 50s that Bill Haley & His Comets first played "Rock Around the Clock" here, and Cubby Checker's "Twist" made its debut at the Rainbow Club, too. American Bandstand was filmed here every once in a while, and the town claims to be the "birthplace" of rock and roll.

There are over 200 motels and hotels built in the 50s and 60s here, and to this day, they maintain the historic mid-century styles that became so iconic in that era.

This could be why there are so many historic motels and retro-looking motels as you drive down the boulevard in Wildwood.

Several of the diners in Wildwood are retro, like the doo-wop diner right on the boardwalk, it's so much fun.

Also, according to, if you stay at the Caribbean it was built in 1957 and was once part of the doo-wop culture in Wildwood. So many times, friends of mine stay at that adorable motel, I love it there.

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