We wake up each morning here in the Garden State, and there is no doubt each day brings its challenges. But we all think we are going to survive the day.

New Jersey days are tough. We expect to get knocked around tossed aside stuck in traffic and pretty much, taken advantage of in ways we think of, and even some ways that have never crossed our minds.

What Is The Most Dangerous Animal In New Jersey?

Now we have a brand new concern to add to our list of things that might ruin our day in the Garden State. Namely, the animal that might kill us during the day, according to Ranker.

We take our lives into our hands every time we hit a New Jersey roadway or every time we try to change a lane, but wildlife is a little different.

We don't live near mountain lions, elephants, or even alligators in the Garden State, so which animal poses us the greatest risk?' It's the coyote.

Most NJ Residents Guessed The Bear

Many New Jersey residents' first guess might be a bear, but that is an incorrect guess. The experts say it's probably not going to be the bear that gets you.

If it was Hawaii, it would be a shark, in Arizona, it might be a venomous snake, but in New Jersey, the culprit, the coyote, is a surprising one.

The article does say the state doesn't have sufficient info to work with on this topic, but the numbers are growing, and we should all be a little extra careful here in the Garden State.

And for the record, if you think your corner of New Jersey is immune, the New Jersey Division of Environmental Protection says there have been coyote encounters reported in every county of the state.

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