Welp, there it is again.

A newspaper that I didn't order, folded up and thrown at the bottom of my driveway.

Sometimes it's the Press of Atlantic City, other times its various weekly papers that I never read. (Honestly, when my kids were kid-age I'd read the weekly papers for their local sports scores, stories, school activities, and such. My children are now grown, so, nope, not anymore.)

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Anyway, back to the newspaper that I didn't order. (Calling it "news" by the way in 2022 is almost silly, right? It's, like, yesterday's news.)

Is it littering if I throw something on your driveway that you didn't order or don't want? Isn't it littering if the paper guy tosses the unwanted paper on my driveway?

All this is fascinating to you, I'm sure, but I have yet to get to my real point: Why is the Press of Atlantic City still using single-use plastic bags?


They keep stuffing the papers in plastic bags and tossing them on lawns and driveways in South Jersey. Is this allowed? Is this legal? I can't get a plastic bag at Shoprite, Acme, and Wawa, but an unwanted bag can be thrown on my driveway two and a half times a week?

What about New Jersey's plastic bag ban?

Someone please check on this and let me know what's what, OK?  I'll just be sitting here pounding on my keyboard complaining.

(By the way, this is the second time this week I've complained about the local paper. Check out my other thoughts here.)

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