I bet I have two words that are guaranteed to make you smile: Haagen-Dazs! 

Well, now that I have your attention I am here to let you know that on Tuesday, May 8th from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, customers who show up to any Haagen-Dazs shop will receive a free mini cone!

The free spike in your blood sugar is in honor of the honeybees because Haagen-Dazs wants to raise awareness of their diminishing population.

Quite a few of Haagen Dazs' flavors -- pineapple coconut, rocky road, toasted coconut, strawberry and vanilla Swiss almond -- are all dependent upon honeybees' pollination and the chain has already donated $1 million dollars towards honeybee research and education.

So sit back, open wide, and get ready to learn!

To find your nearest Haagen-Dazs shop near you, click here.

Check out the original article at NJ.com.

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