This survey caught my attention last week. According to Rasmussen Reports, while most of us were putting away our Halloween decorations, four percent of people have finished their holiday shopping...Apparently 23% of us have started Christmas shopping.

This seems like the normal way it goes. We saw one gift just perfect for someone and bought it early, or we put in an advance catalog order. Sure, about one in four of us may have dipped a toe in to the holiday shopping, but that's all.

But what's with this 4%? The survey came out on November 4th, so these folks were done with Christmas shopping at Halloween. How annoying! Do these people celebrate  the 4th of July  in May or Valentine's Day on New Year's Eve? What's the hurry, people?

Chances are you've seen this 4% type before. You remember them from school bragging about being finished the year-end term paper in March!  They've had their taxes done since January 3rd and they can't stop telling you all about it. It's annoying, plain and simple.

This is the time of year when we "last minute" folks take a lot of heat for waiting to do our Holiday shopping. The way I see it, we are the normal 96%. Let's hear it for the normal 96%! We're strong, we're proud and we're a little lazy. We are the ones who wait until the season get here to shop.