When my elderly neighbor called late last week to ask if we had gotten our mail lately, something clicked.  No, we hadn't, and I remember thinking that was a little strange. We aren't alone.

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A quick scan of South Jersey social media neighborhood community groups shows that the recent lack of mail delivery is a popular topic of conversation.

Yes!! So erratic! Sometimes mail arrives days later. No mail today that was supposed to arrive. No mail one day last week either.



Apparently, our local post office reps says, our zip code is not big enough to justify a regular carrier.


Yes , very late when it comes... also missing mail!


An article in the Washington Post sheds some light on the slow down of mail delivery.

New USPS Postmaster General Louis DeJoy recently issued memos telling postal employees they needed to make changes in the daily delivery.

According to the Washington Post, employees have been told not to work any overtime hours, even it means leaving mail behind at the post office for an extra day or two.

Money is reason for the slowdown. The USPS, already in economic trouble, saw a 15-20% decline in first-class mail in April and May and as much as a 50% drop in highly profitable marketing mail during the pandemic.

The dire financial situation is made worse by the politics of the post office.

Congress authorized a $10 billion loan to the Postal Service early in the pandemic, but they have yet to get the money because of disagreements with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin over terms in the loan that would give the Treasury Department more control of the USPS, an independent agency.

Adding to the pressures on the Postal Service, President Trump is on record calling the agency "a joke" and demanding prices on package rates be quadrupled before he authorizes any emergency aid.

The Postal Service said in a statement that they are working on a new business plan to provide reliable and affordable delivery of the nation's mail.

Based on the slow pace of recent service, it seems that any plan will include increased  wait time for your mail delivery.

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