What's so special about Ocean City to you? For the second time, we asked you that question and we got hundreds of great responses.

We now know that if you ask that question, you will receive passionate answers that are as individual and diverse as the people giving them. But all those people have one thing in common - they all love Ocean City, New Jersey!

For the last several days, I have been weeding through the comments you made on Facebook posts asking for your choice about what is so special about Ocean City.

Some of the people responding think of Ocean City as their family's special happy place for the summer or a week or two each year over many years.

Linda Cameron Stevenson
For me, its a generational thing. My family always went to the beach and boardwalk

Kelly MacNamee Davis Our house is special to me. My Grandparents built it and gave us the gift of spending every summer of our lives there. 4 generations have spent summers in our home with the best memories to last forever

Shelley Benchoff Family, many paths lead to where our hearts meet

Linda Blanchette Holland Memories made there

Others are locals, who have year-round memories of life in Ocean City.

Peggy Rossi Pauch Growing up at 1st & Asbury and 10th & Simpson during the fifties and sixties . . . it does not get much better than that!!!

Susan Ogden Crowe Having lived here my whole life the thing I appreciate most is the wholesomeness. Norman Rockwell would have loved it here.

Kathleen Ghanavati The archway near the tennis courts between 5th and 6th streets on Atlantic Avenue. My classroom, room 226, was located right above it from 1983-2005. I have many fond memories teaching science there!

Whatever the memories, there was almost universal agreement that Ocean City is a very special place.

Here is the second in a series of photos celebrating the places and things you thought helped make Ocean City so special.

Here's What Makes Ocean City So Special

You told us about the place or thing that makes Ocean City, NJ special to you

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