Credit card debt can be overwhelming and weigh heavily on your shoulders and of course your wallet. 

It's so easy to rack up debt and new charges by using your credit card. I have to admit, I do have the tendency of whipping out plastic instead of cash. has just put out a list on which states carry the highest amount of credit card debt in the nation and according to the list, California comes out on top with more than $106.8 billion dollars of credit card debt racked up by consumers. Texas comes in second with over $67 billion dollars of credit card debt, followed by Florida and New York respectively.

The Garden State makes the Top 10 coming in at # 7 with $29.6 billion dollars in credit card debt by Garden State consumers.

I'm sure that figure is even bigger judging by the crowds shopping over the holiday weekend due to the lousy weather. I'm going to try to use more green and less plastic this summer season!



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