We're the station that’s making it even easier to win cash during your workday. In fact, we’re giving you three chances to win up to  $5,000 with the Lite Rock At Work ATM!

We know how hard you work and you deserve a nice cash bonus. Our ATM dispenses up to $5,000 cash three times a day and never charges any fees! Plan that vacation or treat yourself to something special. Everyone could use an nice cash bonus!

Eddie Davis gives you complete contest details every weekday morning at 6:10 and 7:10!

Be sure to listen to Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG at the following times to find out the cash codes to tap in to the Lite Rock ATM on our website!

Monday 10/2                 9:20 AM      1:20 PM  -   4:20 PM 

Tuesday 10/3                9:20 AM -    11:20  PM      3:20 PM

Wednesday 10/4           9:20 AM-    1:20  PM     4:20  PM  

 Thursday  10/5/             9:20 AM-    1:20  PM     4:20 PM

Friday         10/6             9:20 AM    11:20 PM     3:20 PM

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