Hammonton Police are asking for help identifying a thief who stole from the same property twice last week. Last Thursday, June 7, the man was seen by police stealing $500 worth from the back yard of a  private residence. After getting away, the same man who spotted by police again on the property last Saturday, and, again, he managed to get away.

Here is the account of the investigation from the Hammonton Police Facebook page...

On 6/7/18 at 5:15pm an unknown male entered a backyard on the 300 block of Walnut Street in Hammonton. The male removed numerous sheets of copper coil from the property which was worth over $500. The male exited the property via a dirt road which seems to lead to an open field that connects Walnut St. to North St. On 6/10/18 at approximately 8:35am the same male returned, removing more copper from this residence as previously indicated. The male was observed by an off duty officer 100 yards from North St., walking through the same connecting open field, towards Walnut St. The male proceeded through the open field walking into heavy brush causing the off duty officer to loose sight of the male. An area search was now done by on duty officers with negative findings. Attached to this entry is a photo of the male who committed the theft. If anyone knows the identity of this subject, please contact Captain Mark Fiorentino or Sgt. Ed Slimm (609)561-4000 x1.


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