Klink! Wine aficionados, come raise a glass as Resorts Casino brings its inaugural signature wine tasting event to Atlantic City inside the Ocean Ballroom.

Join the fun and travel as you use your complimentary souvenir tasting glass to sample different wines paired with delicious tapas-style offerings. With offerings from a wide range of renowned wine creators and boutique vintners, there is something for every kind of wine connoisseur to enjoy.

Whether you are a longtime wine enthusiast with an experienced palette, or you are brand new to the world of wine tastings and just want to take in a festive atmosphere, you will find Klink! to be a fun, entertaining, enjoyable and approachable way to enjoy great wine.

Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG is giving you tickets to the Klink! this week on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis.To win, play Lite Rock Impossible Trivia weekdays at 7:20am.

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Today’s Impossible Trivia question: All or Nothing style, you need all 3 answer to win. Over half of all drivers broke these 3 driving laws in the past 30 days.  What are they?

Today’s answer?  We did not get all 3 correct answers from anyone today! Watch this short video to see a huge hint about these answers…

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