We can breathe a little easier after escaped South Jersey prisoner David Riley was captured Saturday in Baltimore trying to take a bus to Atlanta. Police say a family member helped Riley after he escaped.

Riley, 34, of Bridgeton, ran away from the custody of Cumberland County Department of Corrections Officers Friday morning, while being transported without handcuffs in Upper Deerfield Township, Cumberland County. He has been in prison since 2010 on kidnapping and sexual assault charges.

A collaborative investigation by New Jersey and Maryland authorities determined that Riley fled New Jersey to Baltimore after escaping from the custody of officers from the Cumberland County Department of Corrections.

Riley was apprehended by U.S. Marshals at a bus terminal in the city.

Who was it that helped Riley by driving him to Baltimore and buying him a bus ticket?  His dear old dad, and soon to be fellow inmate, David Carty, 58, of Bridgeton, who police later found holed up in a Vineland motel.

Carty is facing obstruction of justice charges and is being held in the Cumberland county Jail.  David Riley is awaiting extradition back to New Jersey.

Here is the New Jersey State Police statement on their Facebook page concerning this case ....

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