2020 is almost over....just hold on a bit longer.

But the good news is that some more help is coming to get you through the last few weeks.

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Governor Phil Murphy just signed a bill that will extend unemployment benefits for another 20 weeks for thousands of New Jersey residents.

"We must do everything in our power to bolster our unemployment program and help unemployed workers through this difficult time,” said various Assemblymen and woman in a joint statement.

But some of the criteria has changed for those who are considered eligible for this unemployment extension.

According to NJ.com, this law, "will apply to those who have exhausted the base 26 weeks of benefits and addition 13 weeks of CARES Act benefits."

In order to be eligible, you must, "have earned wages equivalent to 40 times their weekly benefit rate and have earned $200 for 20 weeks at minimum wage in their base period."

This isn't all that Governor Phil Murphy is doing to help those in need.

Murphy has publicly commented on his disappointment that other politicians are postponing the next stimulus package that everyone so desperately is waiting for.

“These families also need Washington to step up and extend emergency federal benefits which are set to expire at the end of this year. This cannot be left to the last minute. Everyone needs to work together to get that job done right now,” he said at the Dec. 4 press briefing.

People need help and I don't really know what some people are waiting for to pass the next stimulus package.

Take a look at the original article covering this story at NJ.com.

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