They say it is the little things in life....but this is a BIG WIN for New Jersey residents AND visitors.

It was just recently announced that the gas tax for the Garden State will not increase in 2020!!

That means the tax rate will stay at 41.4 cents for gas and 48.4 cents for diesel fuel.

“We’re pleased that fuel consumption levels, coupled with our realistic projections last year, have allowed us to avoid an increase in the gas tax rate for this year,” said State Treasurer, Elizabeth Muoio in a press release. “This dedicated revenue stream has enabled us to disburse billions in funding across the state to bolster our transportation infrastructure and keep New Jersey moving forward.”

Give me whatever reason you want -- I am just glad to hear that SOMETHING in New Jersey is not going to become more expensive.

Now we just have to figure out what we are doing with that extra money we are going to be saving....

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