Backyards are getting cleaned up, pools are getting prepped to open, and bathing suit sales are ALL over the place.

This all can only mean one thing....Summer is nearly around the corner!

Now being that this season only lasts a few months out of the entire year in Jersey, let's make the most of it by eating as much of the primetime foods as we can.

So what do most people crave during the Summer? Let's find out....

1. Frozen Treats

Ice cream, ice pops, Slurpee's, and coladas are scrumptious to chow down on while out by the pool having fun in the sun. Just watch the melting.

2. Seafood

Picture this: you are sitting right on the water with a nice bucket of fresh crab and peel and eat shrimp. Plus, you know it is the freshest of the fresh because you are right by the water.

3. Fruit

Especially when it is fresh, some nice juicy fruit is a great snack that offers a touch of sweetness but is not too heavy. Make a fruit salad and you have got an all-in-one party.

4. Fried Boardwalk Food

Whenever I would come down the shore as a kid, my family and I would always be seen at the nearby carnivals and arcades eating fried Oreos, funnel cake, zeppoles, or any other fan favorites. If there is anytime to splurge, it is during the Summer in Jersey because it is so worth it.

5. BBQ

You can cook and eat your entire meal while outside still in your bathing suit. Sometimes all you really need is some BBQ chicken wings or ribs to hit the spot with family and friends.

Did I miss anything? Because I am always down to try new food! Comment Below!

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