It's another Flashback Friday on the Flashback Cafe!

Today we're checking out 1985 in TV!

It's the year that launched VH1 and Nick-at-Nite on Nickelodeon, playing reruns of classic TV shows.

Live Aid
Getty Images/Hulton Archive/Stringer

It's also the year that the Live Aid concerts were broadcast from London and Philly, and when NBC broadcast the first ever prime-time show using stereo sound.

Shows like Moonlighting, It's Punky Brewster, The Care Bears, and Jem made their debut, while The Jeffersons and The Dukes of Hazzard both ended.

It was also the year the World Wrestling Federation broadcast the first WrestleMania to select markets on Pay-Per-View.

And this week in 1985, two notable season finale episodes aired, as both Dynasty and Dallas shocked fans with their storylines.

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