Happy Flag Day! The date commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777, according to usflag.org.

If you plan to fly your American flag today, or anytime, here are some flag etiquette tips you should know and follow...

10 tips to make sure you fly the American flag correctly:

1. Hang the flag from a staff that angles from the building. This could be a wall, windowsill, porch railing, or balcony. When the flag is hanging from this staff it should not touch the ground, shrubbery, or floor, nor should it come in contact with any water.

2. Hang the flag from an upright pole. Unless the local, state, or national government decrees that the flag should be hung at half staff, it should be hoisted to the top of the pole. If there are other flags on the pole, the American flag should be on top.

3. If you display the flag with others in a horizontal line, the American flag should be on the right side of a single flag. It should be in the center of and slightly higher than others in a group of flags and pennants.

4. Make sure the union (the blue field with the stars) is at the peak of the flag when it’s hung from a staff or pole.

5. If you hang the flag horizontally or vertically against a wall, which is acceptable, the union should be on the top to your left.

6. If you hang the flag in a window, the union should be on the left when viewed from the street.

7. Fly the flag from sunrise to sunset. More and more folks are leaving the flag in place all night. The official codes says that in times when we desire a "patriotic effect," leaving the flag up around the clock is acceptable. You should light the flag at night.

8. If you fly the flag on your car, clamp it on the right side. Do not drape the flag over any part of the car.

9. If you wear a flag pin, pin it on the left, near your heart.

10. Never wear the flag as clothing. Never use it to carry anything. Never use it as drapery or spreads.

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