So, what goes hand in hand with 4th of July? FIREWORKS!

I have always been a fan of getting together with friends, laying out a huge blanket, and watching the fireworks together to ring in the holiday. (Throw in some burgers and dogs and we are set!)

However, I am starting to think that there needs to be "Firework Free" areas in South Jersey.

Here is why: there are dogs and people who get seriously scared and disturbed by these noises.

This is Atticus -- xoxo

One of our dogs, Atticus, has anxiety attacks and shakes incessantly. Dog's hearing is much more sensitive than humans and for dogs, fireworks can sound like bombs or explosives.

I also know people, more specifically veterans, who suffer from PTSD and really struggle when Firework season comes around.

So tell me, what do you think? Cast your vote!

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