Talk about the perfect Summer activity.

Thanks to Commissioner Joseph Lattanzi and Recreation Director Joni Bakum, Friday nights on the 68th Street beach in Brant Beach now host a free event that consists of fire pits and live music!

“What we’ve tried to create is a family-friendly atmosphere where families and friends can bring their coolers and come and relax and enjoy the music around our brand new fire pits every Friday night through Aug. 30,” Bakum said. “We have received tremendous support and terrific feedback from the community.” The weekly event is sponsored by Fireplaces Plus and Berkshire Hathaway.

This past Friday brought professional performer, Ned Ryerson to perform for hundreds of folks who came out for the nighttime fun.

Being that this event series lasts until at least the end of August, it sounds like you would be crazy not to attend at least one!


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