Regardless of the weather, spring has sprung in South Jersey. Eventually, the days will start getting warmer and the sun is staying out longer. Soon, summer will follow after the winter have had, this makes us very happy!

The Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis wants to celebrate the arrival of spring by giving away a Spring Fling Getaway. We would like to send your family to spend the night at our world famous local treasure, Congress Hall in Cape May, complete with dinner at one of their delicious eateries; the Blue Pig Tavern, the Boiler Room Pizzeria and Nightclub or the Brown Room Lounge. Congress Hall in Cape May, your place for spring break including cooking classes, scavenger hunts, train rides, tea parties, children’s theater and more, your spring break is sure to be filled with fun for the whole family.

We have created a virtual Easter Egg Hunt, with four clues that will lead you to an exact location where we have hidden our winning "Spring Fling Getaway Egg". Use the clues to find the secret location we've picked somewhere in South Jersey. Everyone who is able to determine the location after the fourth clue will be in a drawing for the overnight getaway to Congress Hall.

After you read the clues you have the chance to guess about the secret location to win Lite Rock's Spring Fling Getaway. Hopefully the location will be obvious, but your powers or deduction and your knowledge of South Jersey will make it easier for you.

How to Get the Clues:

The clues will be posted on and on the Lite Rock Facebook page at 8:30am Monday through Thursday, March 25-28. Eddie will also read the daily clues live on those days on the Lite Rock Morning Show at 6:45am and 8:15am.

Download the Lite Rock Mobile App to get the clues early! Make sure you have the app notifications settings turned ON in order to receive app alerts from Lite Rock! If you have the new Lite Rock mobile app, you will be sent the clues the night before anyone else gets them!

How to Guess the Secret Egg Location:

If you think you know the egg's secret location, there is a contesting form attached to this post which you can fill out with your exact guess of the location. All guesses must be received by 6:00 AM Friday, March 29. The winner will be announce at 8:15 AM, Friday, March 29 on the Lite Rock Morning Show with Eddie Davis.

What Else You Need to Know:

Remember, you do not have to go to the secret location, just guess where it it after the fourth clue, but you are welcome to do some investigative work along the way if you need to clarify any of the clues. In order to win, you must give the exact location by name of the secret hiding place. Be specific.

*In the event that more than one person uncovers the secret location, a random drawing will determine the winner of the getaway.

Spring Fling Getaway Prize Details:

One (1) winner will receive a one-night stay at Congress Hall (redeemable Monday- Friday, March 26 through March 30th or Monday-Friday, April 2 through April 6, 2018) plus a $75 resort credit. Room based upon availability. Resort credit to be used during the stay. No cash value.

Clue #1... The egg might seem a bit elusive, but the prize is cool and exclusive. You'll find your way to win, in the county with St. Augustine.

Clue #2... To get a handle on this Easter egg scramble, get hopping down the bunny trail, out the back door, to the gateway to the shore.

Clue #3... The hunting field stretches out of a grove, far and wide. Where could that Lite Rock egg be? Is it out where the dirt forms a hill, or back where the birds rest and chill?

Clue #4...The egg awaits, you're close now! The spot is all you lack. I'd like to help you, honest I would, but I'm hungry and need a snack.

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