Frequent flyers from Atlantic City International will love this news. The Transportation Security Administration is now adding the use of “blended lanes” to the Pre-check screening program at ACY .

TSA officials announced Wednesday that ACY now offers the use of “blended lanes” to provide TSA Pre-check screening to travelers enrolled in the program at smaller airports when there isn’t a dedicated Pre-check lane. There are 200 airports in the Pre-check program.

Atlantic City International began offering the Pre-check program in 2017.

Pre-check offers expedited screening to travelers who apply online and then go through a 10 minute, in-person appointment that includes a background check and fingerprinting A five-year membership costs $85.

Fliers wait an average of five minutes in Pre-check security lanes, according to the TSA. Pre-check membership also means an end to the hassle of taking off shoes, belts and jackets at the checkpoint.

Atlantic City International doesn't have dedicated Pre-check lanes, meaning fliers with the expedited security clearance will use "blended lane” of Pre-check and non-Pre-check customers, TSA officials said.

When a Pre-check member arrives at ACY, their carry-on items will be placed between two blocks to separate it from other passengers carry-ons. Pre-check passengers will not need to remove shoes, belts, or light outerwear jackets, no matter what time of day or checkpoint they pass through, officials said.

At larger airports, blended lanes are utilized during off-peak hours when Pre-check passenger volume is too low for dedicated lanes.

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