Elton John threw one of his infamous tantrums Friday night during his "Million Dollar Piano" show at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.  He tossed a stool  on stage while announcing that heads were going to roll.  Stagehands at the show had to mop up... water four times.  That's because Elton would take a drink from a water container, then splash it onstage.  Eventually, some in the crowd started to boo.

Apparently, Elton was angry with his management team.  At one point after losing his cool, he cussed, saying that someone was getting "(bleeping) fired."

According to Norm Clarke's column in the  Vegas Review Journal, one witness said Elton "made an ass of himself".

This after starting his show 20 minutes late and ending it 25 minutes early.  Elton John, who is known for having a fiery temper, was apparently not having his best night.

Here is a video from another better night for Elton, during his Las Vegas residency....

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