Egg Harbor Township School District is receiving $2.8 million in state money to expand their preschool program to a full day beginning in February of 2021.

Gov. Murphy made the announcement Monday that ten school districts in the state are receiving a total of $10 million in preschool aid to implement or expand early childhood education programs early next year.

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Egg Harbor Township School District will get $2,835,866, the largest amount of any of the school districts receiving any funds.

After considering the move for many years, Egg Harbor Township finally went to a full-day kindergarten this year.

The district presently offers a half-day preschool program which costs participating families $200 a month. The new state aid package will allow the program to expand to a full day and make the program free for residents.

Acting Commissioner of Education Dr. Angeline Allen-McMillan commented that “the expansion of preschool has been a priority of the Murphy administration since day 1, but COVID-19 has shown the critical importance of high-quality, standards-aligned early childhood education.”

Murphy commented, “Our investments in Pre-K are some of the most impactful we can make. Studies have shown that over a lifetime, every dollar invested in early education is repaid many times over.

“This has meant more peace of mind for parents who no longer have to worry about daily childcare while they work,” the governor said. “Pre-K is a win, win, win all around.”

The districts receiving the funds include:



Preschool Education Aid Amount


Egg Harbor Township School District



North Arlington School District



Fairview Public Schools



Lumberton School District



Clementon School District



Hampton School District



Matawan-Aberdeen Regional



Seaside Heights School District



Quinton Township School District



Manville School District


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