Locking my car doors has turned into a habit for me. I always make sure my car is locked up before I walk away from it, but it turns out not everyone is as vigilant.

The Press of Atlantic City and Egg Harbor Township Police are reporting that due to the recent high volume of reported vehicle burglaries in South Jersey, you should make sure that you always lock your car doors.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department has reported 28 vehicle burglaries since the New Year! That's insanity. Last year (2016) there were at least 183 reported car burglaries. 183! According to police though, most of these incidents involved unlocked cars.

You should also never, ever, leave valuables on your car seats, even if your car is locked. My wife's good friend just had her car window smashed because she left her pocketbook in the backseat and in plain view.

EHT police are asking you to call 609-927-5200 if you have any information on the recent string of vehicle burglaries.

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