Puppet Ed Sheeran made his comeback last month when he starred in the video for Ed's newest single, "Happier." And on Monday (May 14) the ginger marionette sat down for his first interview.

"It was a situation I was in where I saw someone I used to be with and they seemed a lot happier," he explained when asked what prompted the song's premise. He then described the video shoot, admitting "it's quite complicated having a man's hand shoved up your ass the whole time." But he got through it and was happy with the final product.

After going on a tangent about why English hotdogs are better than American ones, puppet Ed reveals he's working on a new album and is going to continue doing that and focus on his tour, which will keep him busy until the end of 2019.

Watch the adorable, silly video below.

Puppet Ed was first introduced in the video for 2014's "Sing," and though he drinks away the pain of seeing his old flame with someone new in the new clip, IRL Ed has found true happiness with his fiancee, Cherry Seaborn.


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