One of America's most successful coffee and baked goods chains is heading for a makeover. Soon, there may be less donut choices for you to choose from as DD is reportedly dropping nearly half of their options.

Dunkin Donuts is the world wide donut leader with $14.6 billion in sales, and according to a report from, the company is looking to re-brand itself and focus more on their beverages.

Currently, you can choose from 30 different donut varieties. That number may be reduced to 18 options. Now This Money is reporting the company may change the name of certain stores to just Dunkin' as they shift the focus away from food and donuts.

I'll be honest, I really start to loose my patience when I'm behind someone trying to decide on which donuts they want...especially when they're getting a dozen! I just hope my personal favorite, the french cruller, doesn't get the ax!


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