We all know it's expensive to drive in the Garden State, especially if you use the AC Expressway, The NJ Turnpike and the Garden State Parkway every day. There's a new poll out showing just how much it will cost you to drive in Jersey and how we compare to other states.

24/7 Wall St. just released a report that shows the rankings  for every state and how expensive it is to drive there. The poll was reported on yahoo.com and the Garden State comes in at #14. I was actually surprised that we didn't rank higher especially when you consider how much we pay for car insurance. The cost of gas, which is the 11th lowest in the nation, kept New Jersey out of the Top 10.

The most expensive state in the nation to drive in is Michigan and the least expensive is Hawaii coming in at #50.  FYI.. New York ranks #35 and Pennsylvania comes in at  # 25.


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