So I am basically living my beach season vicariously through these posts because the weather is just NOT cooperating.

But....I have not given up hope and want to make sure we are prepared when the Summer weather has actually arrived and is here to stay!

Just read this...and I know I say this a lot but DON'T. BE. THAT.GUY.


Everyone likes to chill and listen to music but be respectful of those around you. The beach is windy enough that you can listen to your music at a decent level without disrupting those that are around you. So if you are asked to turn down the are being THAT GUY.


It is inevitable that sand will get EVERYWHERE when you go to the beach -- or at least if you are going to the beach properly. But when it comes time to clean your clothes and towels, don't shake that sand onto those surrounding you. Imagine taking a nap in the sun to be woken up with specs of sand in your face.


We only have one set of beaches so throw out your trash so that our beaches can remain clean and beautiful.


Everyone usually goes to the beach to have a nice relaxing day. If you are looking to be boisterous, maybe go to a bar instead.

Share The Space

If you come with a big group, it is understandable that you need to take up a bit more space than the happy couple to your left. But don't take up a mile and a half because it is not just your beach.


Listen to them. They are trained. You are not. And your life is in THEIR hands. So don't be difficult.

Did I miss anything? Comment Below!

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