Now I’ve heard everything. My dog can hail a cab?  Call an Uber?  Leave it to NYC and New Jersey to offer such a spectacular service. This is real life, if your fur baby needs to blow their taco stand, all you have to do is tap a new pet transportation app.

The service is called and they can take your pup, cat, or whatever animal you own on a joy ride for some fresh air, to a vet or grooming appointment, a dog park run, or even if they have a craving for a lactose-free pup-a-cino at Starbucks (yes, pup-a-cinos are a thing at Starbucks, they are free with another drink purchase, your welcome).

The big question you are probably wondering is, is this really necessary?  Do my pets have a social life like in the movie The Secret Lives of Pets that I don’t know about?

It turns out there is a real need for such a service. founder and CEO Aparna Srinivasan tried to get ride services like Uber or Lyft to allow her (and her pot-bellied pig) to drive them to their destination together and it was always a big no.

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Since Aparna lived in NYC, she depended on such services and they have strict policies about letting animals come along for the ride. Necessity is the mother of invention, so was born!

Now paw-rents can use this trusted service to take your fur baby to an appointment that they can’t attend because they are working (grooming, a vet appointment or even to transport an animal back and forth between pet parents who share custody).

Sometimes, it's as simple as getting a joy ride and sticking their noses out the window for some fresh air.  If you work long hours and your furry friend needs a change of scenery has your back.

Humans are also welcome, but this ride really is all about your pet.  Every ride comes with a safety harness, treat and seat covers for their comfort. The service is always open, 24/7.

This is like Uber, for pets and I have to say that it is paw-some!  There is a fabulous charity element to this service as well.

SpotOn gives back to other animals with their “Take a Ride, Save a Life” initiative.  SpotOn has partnered with local shelters, including Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, Rescue Dogs Rock, and Bideawee so every time someone takes a ride with, one of their partner organizations receives a free ride. This comes in really handy when shelter animals need to get foster and adoption events.

SpotOn knows that a forever family could just be a ride away and that’s where they can help the most.  This is currently only available in New York City and New Jersey but with your support, they are growing fast!  Spread the word and book a ride today!

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