The level of cruelty required to dump a dog in the woods inside a locked crate where it may well have died is almost beyond comprehension. The dog was rescued Sunday by Shore Animal Control from the woods in Mullica Township, Atlantic County.

According to a Facebook post, a witness saw the crate on Friday but did nothing. The dog remained locked inside for two days until someone finally called police and an officer from Shore Animal Control went to the site, found the dog, opened the crate and took him to the shelter.

The dog is described as a neutered, older, brown pitbull. The post adds this seemingly unnecessary advisory...

If you could no longer take care of an animal please do not leave it to die. Take it to the animal shelter!

Please take a look at the photo of this dog and contact Shore Animal Control if you can offer any help finding who was responsible at 1-800-351-1822.

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