The Historic Flanders Hotel in Ocean City, New Jersey will turn 100 years old this upcoming November 18, 2023.

The Flanders Hotel was named after the famous Flanders Fields in Belgium, where poppies are located above the many rows of graves of the American soldiers who sacrificed their lives during World War I.

Guests will have the opportunity to experience an “unforgettable evening of nostalgia, connection, and celebration” of 100 years of The Flanders Hotel.

If you’re interested in attending, you may contact:, or, email for alternative purchase methods.

The Flanders Hotel was nearly wiped out in October of 1927, when a massive fire took out twelve blocks of Ocean City's waterfront properties.

The Flanders Hotel was somehow spared just 4 years into its existence.

Now, let’s have a little fun and explore something that has been rumored for many years.

Ocean City is billed as America’s Favorite Family Resort. It’s a wonderful town and a favorite of mine.

Is there a friendly “ghost” at The Flanders Hotel named “Emily?”

She is also known as the ”Lady in White.”

About 3 years ago, wrote a great article about the ghost named Emily. It was very detailed in nature.

I really like, who bills itself as “YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE TO NEW JERSEY'S LOCAL LEGENDS AND BEST KEPT SECRETS.” writes, “Ghost tours of Ocean City say that Emily was the girlfriend of a WWI soldier who never returned from Europe, having been killed in the trenches.”

Here are some of the reports from staff members and guests about “Emily” sights and sounds:

  • swinging doors
  • light bulbs unscrewing
  • the sound of a girl singing in its hallways
  • seeing the train of a white gown disappear from around the corners of corridors.
  • plays with door locks.

Emily is described as friendly and being in her early 20’s, with long brown hair … who is seen wandering the halls of The Flanders Hotel. describes some specific details as follows:

“Emily was once seen in the basement of the hotel, in an area known as "The Catacombs," in the early hours of July 7,1999.”

“She has also been seen wandering the hotel's Hall of Mirrors, in the hotel lobby, and roaming the second and fourth floors. She's been heard merrily singing and laughing in many of the grand rooms of the Flanders. A photograph taken at one of the weddings held in the banquet hall once captured her ethereal form,” according to

It seems as though every old property comes with its own ghost stories.

I think it’s OK to have some harmless play about these kinds of ghost stories … responsibly stopping short of any conduct that could rise to hurting the business of any establishment.

If you see “Emily” at The Flanders Hotel, please send our best regards.

SOURCES: Numerous locals and

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