The prediction from the real estate company Zillow for the future of Upper Township and much of Cape May County is grim, with the area losing $30 billion in home values to rising sea levels by 2100. 

Zillow has done research on what is projected to happen to the Cape May County township, if rising sea levels continue on their current trajectory.

Using maps from  theNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and estimating a 6 foot increase in sea level by 2100, Zillow is predicting that more than half (56%) of properties in Upper Township would be underwater by the end of the century.

There is much debate about the estimated 6 ft sea level rise by 2100, but if the number is accurate, towns such as Marmora, Seaville, Tuckahoe, Marshallville, Steelmantown, Palermo and nearby shore communities of Ocean City, Wildwood and Sea Isle City would by facing a doomsday scenario.

Upper Township ranks 6th nationally in Zillow's predicted sea level rise, following some of the country's biggest cities, including New York and Boston.

In total, New Jersey is projected to lose 180,110 homes by 2100 -- the most homes of any state in the country besides Florida

Source: Zillow


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