If you're a nature lover, there's plenty of incredible, scenic trails for hiking in the Garden State, from the Delaware Water Gap to the Stairway to Heaven Trail in Vernon, Sussex County.

If you're hiking and happen to stumble upon an eagle's feather, you might want to think twice about keeping it because it could cost you a TON of money if you're caught with it.

There's actually a law that not too many are aware of, according to WTOP.com. The Bald and Golden Eagle Act Protection dates back to 1940, and bans anyone without a federal permit from taking eagles feathers eagle parts, eggs and nests.

The fine if you do, is a hefty one - up to $100,000, PLUS one year in jail. Oof! Only federally recognized American Indian Tribes can have eagle feathers in their possession.

New York Governor Mario Cuomo, found out the hard way that this law exists when he mentioned that he had an eagle feather on his mantle that he found on a family trip to the Adirondacks. According to the report, the Governor will give the feather back to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Repository.

Hey, just something to keep in mind if you come across an eagle's feather the next time you go for a hike in New Jersey.

Source: WTOP.com


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