Every Thursday morning at 7:15am on the Lite Rock Morning Show, the Humane Society of Ocean City brings in the new Lite Rock Pet of the Week.

If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, please consider adopting from the Humane Society of Ocean City, a no-kill shelter recognized as one of the nation’s top ten animal shelters.

 All of the animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped before adoption. All animals also receive an Alumni Card which entitles them to a 10% lifetime discount for veterinary services at the Humane Society of Ocean City clinic.
This week we met Dasher the dog.

Here is some information on Dasher from the Humane Society of Ocean City:

“Dasher is a male Dachshund, about 5 & ½ years old. He is named Dasher as he was born on Christmas Day of 2012! He is a wonderfully interactive little fellow, who has lots of energy for running and walking – he loves going for long walks.

Dasher’s personality is fairly typical for a Dachshund – he is curious and wants to explore, though he is more people-centered than environment-centered. He can be stubborn, sometimes wanting to stay and sniff one spot for example. He is not highly vocal, but will bark to go potty or if you are late with the meals! Dasher is extremely well housebroken – he doesn’t even potty in his doggie run here!

No so much a couch potato, though Dasher is used to spending most of his time indoors and loves snuggling with his people, especially his “person”. He bonds very well, more so to an individual within the family unit. Attentive and loving, Dasher likes people but can be a bit shy at first and needs a few moments to warm up and then is quite sociable! Standardly colored black and tan -- mostly black with a few tan markings on his face and tan “socks” – he has black strips on every toe. Not too much for solo play, he may enjoy the company of other pleasant-minded pooches and he enjoys horsing around with you on the floor/ground!

He has lived with children and another dog, though kitties are an unknown to him. Dasher is looking for a home with people who have a good amount of free time – retirees, empty nesters, or lower-activity families are most suitable. If you are interested in more information or meeting Dasher, please call the HSOC today!!"

If you would like to visit Dasher or need more information about any animal up for adoption at The Humane Society of Ocean City, call 609-398-9500 or stop in any day between 11a-3p.

To adopt from the HSOC you will need one form of identification, which includes your name, permanent address and proof of ownership (i.e., local tax stub). If you rent, written approval from your landlord is required as well as personal identification.The adoption fee is $50.00 for cats or kittens and $85 for dogs, adults and puppies.

They accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and debit cards. Checks are accepted upon management’s approval. All adoptions include spay/neuter surgery, microchip if requested, free first vet exam, and all necessary vaccinations through the first year. Adoption applications are available at the shelter.

Here is a short video of dasher's visit to the Lite Rock studio...

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