New Jersey may rank differently on the list of the most dangerous states to drive in than some would think. In New Jersey, we are known for being aggressive and sometimes even careless drivers. I truly believe that is a total stereotype that people assume is true about New Jersey drivers, but this list may just prove the haters wrong!

There are all kinds of dangerous driving habits that people practice daily in New Jersey, but do the good drivers outweigh the bad in The Garden State?

loading... compiled a list based on accidents and fatalities in each state and let me tell you, New Jersey is looking to be one of the safest states to drive in throughout the entire country!

Out of all of the fifty states the most dangerous states to drive in are Louisiana at number 5, Montana at number 4, Arkansas at number 3, Mississippi at number 2, and coming in at number one is South Carolina.

South Carolina has a total report of 19.7 deaths per billion miles traveled, which is 6.3 more than the national average. The real question is:


Where does New Jersey rank amongst the most dangerous states to drive in?


Well you may be shocked considering our reputation, but New Jersey is all the way at the bottom of this list at number 48 out of 50 states! New Jersey has a total report of 8.8 deaths per billion miles traveled which is 4.6 less than the national average. I’m proud of us, Jersey!

The safest state to drive in according to this list based on total fatalities is Massachusetts!

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Stacker used the Federal Highway Administration's 2020 Highway Statistics report to rank states by the fatalities per billion miles traveled. 

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